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Air Warning Red

Air War South Atlantic, 1982

"I counted them all out and I counted them all back."

- Brian Hanrahan, BBC News, 1982

Sea Harriers preparing to launchAIR WARNING RED is a game of air warfare over the South Atlantic in 1982.

The game models the air campaign between the Argentine air forces and the Royal Navy Taskforce supporting the recapture of the Falklands.

Based on a brand new air combat system, Air Warning Red will focus on the Argentine attempts to locate and attack the Royal Navy forces and stall the land advance across the islands. It will feature Exocet attacks, Learjet photo recon missions, Argentine air refuelling, and the radar at Stanley. Political considerations will highly restrict the Argentine Junta's actions, forcing them to withdraw assets from the battle should combat losses and loss of military prestige threaten internal security and the balance of power with Chile.

CAP counterAir Warning Red is currently in the preliminary stages of development and will be designed by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood. A day raid module that recreates the historical raids and losses of a single day of the air campaign has been developed. However, a campaign system to link the days together is still under design.

A number of possible options are under consideration for Air Warning Red. One is to ditch the two-player concept entirely and craft the game as a solitaire effort, in which the player plays the Argentine forces and the Royal Navy is driven by a deck of cards. No final decision has yet been made on this design.

air warning red map

ILLUSTRATION: An early 11 x 17" playtest map used in developing the raid module. The final map will probably be 17 x 22" and will support a number of counter displays and tracks.

All questions and enquiries should be directed to the designer Lee Brimmicombe-Wood at: leebwood at googlemail dot com (Note that this address has been modified to protect against web spiders and other malware.)

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