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"Strike Hard, Strike Sure"

- Bomber Command Motto

The Night Raids 1943-1945

Bomber Command coverBOMBER COMMAND is a game of the night war in the skies over the Reich in World War II.

March 1944. More than 700 British bombers are dispatched to the distant city of Nürnberg. As the bomber stream crawls across the German Reich, it is set upon by swarms of nightfighters. Following the bombers' contrails the fighters infiltrate the stream in great numbers and before the moon can set they start to pick off bomber after bomber. The mauled stream makes a desultory attack on the target city, scattering much of their payload harmlessly into the surrounding countryside. Then the raid struggles back towards England while fresh nightfighters snap and bite at the retreating formation. More than ninety bombers fail to make it home safely. Soon after, the C-in-C of Bomber Command, Arthur 'Bomber' Harris, calls off the Battle of Berlin.

Bomber Command is a 2-player game of the night war over the German Reich. It recreates the great Royal Air Force bombing raids against Germany and the bitter defence mounted by the Luftwaffe nightfighter arm. As the British player you battle past flak and fighters to find the Reich's industrial cities and set them ablaze. As the German player you are engaged in a desperate struggle to stop these 'Terror Fliers'.

Bomber Command details the techniques of night fighting, including flak, Himmelbett zones, Wild Boars and Tame Boars. The British Main Force raids may be accompanied by Mosquito bomber diversions, sea mining operations and the decoy aircraft of 100 Group (Bomber Support). A deck of 110 cards is used to resolve the complex interactions of electronic countermeasures, radars and communications, along with other operations such as Mahmoud patrols, Flower raids, and Beleuchter illumination units. A detailed bombing resolution system depicts the challenges of attacking targets at night and the evolution of precision bombing in darkness.

There are two scenarios: 'Berlin' covers raiding from the Battle of Hamburg up to the great defeat over Nürnberg. 'Downfall' recreates the period from the Summer of 1944 to the end of the war, during which time the nightfighter arm is in decline. Easy to pick up and fast to play, games can be played in 90 to 150 minutes.

Bomber Command is published by GMT Games and can ordered HERE. It is designed by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood.

ILLUSTRATION: The 22 x 34" playtest map for the Berlin scenario.

ILLUSTRATION: The front of the 5/8" countersheet.

ILLUSTRATION: One of the city maps used to resolve bombing. This map divides the city into City Centre, Residential, Industrial and Transportation areas. Areas outside this are fields and countryside where bombs fall with no effect.

Latest News

Bomber Command Mounted Map

13th June 2015. A mounted map for Bomber Command is available from GMT Games.

Rulebook Update & Campaign Rules

6th October 2012. The Bomber Command errata and FAQ has been revised. A new copy of the rulebook, with high-quality pictures, can be grabbed from the downloads page or HERE

A set of prototype campaign rules for Bomber Command can be downloaded from downloads page or HERE


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