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The Burning Blue
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The Battle of Britain, 1940

"Hello, Gannic Leader! Gannic Leader! Carfax calling! 200-plus coming in over Red Queen. Vector one-two-zero. Angels two-five. Watch out for snappers above!"

- Biggin Hill Sector Controller, 15 September 1940

Box art by Rodger MacGowanThe Burning Blue is a board wargame that recreates the savage air battles over Southern England from July to December 1940.

Starting with the fights over the Channel convoys and ending with the fighter-bomber offensive, The Burning Blue simulates the battles between German air power and the British air defence system. It recreates the tense minute-by-minute 'plotting board' battles between RAF fighter controllers and the Luftwaffe air raids.

As the RAF player scramble fighter squadrons as raids form up on radar. Vector squadrons to intercept raids or order them to patrol vital targets. Despatch Hurricanes to surprise the enemy bombers from out of the sun while Spitfires tangle with the Luftwaffe escort fighters. Then get your squadons home double-quick to rearm before the next wave arrives.

As the Luftwaffe player, craft your attack plans to peel apart the Tommy defences. Order fighter escorts to protect your bomber gruppen while you send Me109s to sweep the sky ahead of your raiders. As your escort fighters swoop down on 'vics' of Spitfires, Stukas dive past balloon barrages to plant bombs on the docks below.

The Burning Blue models this famous conflict in unprecedented detail. Playable and exciting, the game provides new insights into this turning point of World War Two.

Latest News

Rule Supplement #3 Posted!

Rules supplement #3 has been posted! Advanced players can enjoy the rules supplements. These supplements detail optional rules that add historical detail to the game, though at a cost in complexity and player workload. These are available at the Download Page.

Online Play! VASSAL Aids Complete!

Rick Billings and his team have done a great job adapting The Burning Blue to VASSAL for online play. You can download the VASSAL engine HERE and the module for The Burning Blue HERE.

Play by e-Mail! Cyberboard Gamebox Available!

The Cyberboard gamebox for The Burning Blue is now available for players who wish to Play by e-Mail. Download it from HERE.

Veterans Assist With Research

Two Battle of Britain veterans, John Greenwood of 253 Squadron (Hurricanes) and John Freeborn DFC of 74 Squadron (Spitfires) helped the designer in his research for the game. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood is enormously grateful for their kind assistance, recalling events and clearing up many matters of detail. Also a big thank you to Squadron Leader Doug Tidy for helping make contact with John Freeborn.

An interview with John Greenwood is available HERE. Notes from the interviews with John Freeborn can be found HERE.


All questions and enquiries should be directed to the designer Lee Brimmicombe-Wood at: leebwood at googlemail dot com (Note that this address has been modified to protect against web spiders and other malware.)

The Burning Blue copyright © Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, 2006. All rights reserved.