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Elusive Victory

The Air War Over the Suez Canal, 1967-1973

Mubarak: "What has happened to the standards of your air force?"

Israeli: "It is not us, I think you have changed."

- Conversation between Air Marshal Husni Mubarak, Egyptian Air Force, and a captured Israeli pilot, 1973

A MiG-21
        takes cannon strikes from an Israeli MirageELUSIVE VICTORY is a game of air warfare over the Suez Canal between 1967 and 1973.

In three wars: the Six Day War (1967), the War of Attrition (1967-1970) and the October War (aka "Ramadan War" or "Yom Kippur War", 1973) the sky above the Suez Canal was a crucible of combat.

Covering air operations in all three wars, Elusive Victory simulates the battles between the Egyptian Air Force, supported by their Arab and Soviet allies, and the air arm of the Israel Defence Force. With a map that extends from the Sinai desert to the Nile river, battles ranging from close support of front-line army units to deep strikes into Egypt can be simulated.

Using the Downtown air combat system, modified to depict the unique features of the war above the Canal Zone, the game will feature all the major aircraft types to feature on the southern front. Features new to the game will include SA-3 and SA-6 missiles, man-packed SAM systems, Shilka self-propelled AAA and AS-5 cruise missiles.

Elusive Victory

Two 34" x 22" maps stretch from the Sinai to the Nile delta, covering most of the major Egyptian airbases

Map detail
        of the Canal Zone

Detail of the playtest map, showing the Canal Zone around Deversoir and the Bar-Lev fortifications

        Victory flight counters

Elusive Victory flight counters, depicting Su-7BM, Mirage III, IL-28, Mystère IV and MiG-21 aircraft.

Elusive Victory is published by GMT Games and is designed by Terry Simo. All questions and enquiries should be directed to the designer Terry Simo.

Elusive Victory copyright © Terry Simo, 2009. All rights reserved.