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Air Warfare in the Night Skies of World War Two

"Taking into consideration the standard of enemy tactics and our own technical facilities in the last year of the war, it was probably right not to prefer one method of nightfighting, but to employ different methods and combine them according to the situation. In doing this, the main rule of conduct was; pursuit nightfighting against closely bundled bomber streams, "Himmelbett" nightfighting against loose formations or single aircraft, and target area nightfighting in case of surprise attacks and against Mosquitos."

- Generalleutnant Josef "Beppo" Schmid

He219 destroying a Lancaster
        bomberNIGHTFIGHTER is a board game of air warfare in the night skies of World War II. Using a blind play system, an umpire controls the attacking forces while the defending player must find, fix and destroy the incoming bombers.

Nightfighter recreates the tactics of night fighting, from the cat's eye intercepts of the London night blitz to the Mosquito intruder operations at the end of the war.

More than forty scenarios describe the development of nightfighting aircraft and technology. Rules cover radar-guided interception, searchlights, airborne radar and electronic countermeasures. Special weapons such as Schräge Musik are featured. Tactics such as Wild Boar and Tame Boar (Wilde Sau and Zahme Sau) receive their own scenarios.

The rules are arranged in a programmed instruction format so that players can learn the rules bit-by-bit as they progress through the scenarios.

Nightfighter features more than fifty fighter and bomber variants, from early Blenheim and Ju88 interceptors to advanced fighters such as the Mosquito and He219. Pacific operations see F4U-2s and P61A Black Widow fighters engaging Japanese bomber threats. Rarities such as the Ta154, Me262B-1a and the Japanese J1N1 Gekko are included.

Fast-playing, with scenarios that can be completed in 30-45 minutes, Nightfighter provides a new view of the night hunters of the sky.

Nightfighter Player

ILLUSTRATION: Nightfighter player's map.

The final game contents comprises:

Rule book

Scenario book

Rules supplement book

One 1/2" counter sheet

One 5/8" counter sheet

One 11 x 17" umpire's map

One 22 x 17" player's map

One 11 x 34" playaid/umpire's screen

One Patrol Display

Four 6-sided dice

Nightfighter is published by GMT Games and can ordered HERE. It is designed by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood.

Latest News

Digital Nightfighter

28th January 2012. Nightfighter is being developed as a digital game for PC/Windows OS and is available for pre-order.

Solitaire Nightfighter

25th January 2012. Now Nightfighter can now be enjoyed solitaire. A new set of solo rules, designed by Professor Phil Sabin (creator of Lost Battles) is now available for download HERE.

Nightfighter Campaign

3rd June 2011. The game now includes a free 12-page rules supplement, allowing players to play a squadron management campaign in which the player commands a Staffel of Nightfighters in 1942-43.


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