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From this page you can download supplemental materials for Downtown. Some files are in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf). For a reader to view and print these documents, go HERE.


Errata (80 KB). Current errata sheet.

Downtown Rulebook (1.8 MB). The complete rulebook, updated with the current errata (altered text in blue).

Downtown Scenario Book (2.4 MB). The complete scenario book, updated with the current errata (altered text in blue).

Rules FAQ (200 KB). Current list of Frequently Asked Questions and clarifications of the rules.

Because of a production error, the Blue/Green player aid card was printed without changes that were made during the final playtest. GMT Games has reprinted this player aid card with the correct information and made it available to customers. In the meantime players can download and print out .pdf files of the player aid card with the corrected tables from the links below.

Player Aid Card (Blue Side) (152 KB). Front of version 2.0 11 x 17" player aid card.

Player Aid Card (Green Side) (140 KB). Reverse of 11 x 17" player aid card. (Note this hasn't changed from the printed version except to correct a minor printing glitch on the Maneuver Table. It is included here for completeness.)

Player Aid Card (Blue/Green) (212 KB). If printing out the two 11 x 17" files above is inconvenient, here is the version 2.0 player aid card reformatted into four 8.5 x 11" pages for easy printout.

Aircraft Data Card from C3i Magazine Nr.17 (152 KB, updated 1 Jan 06). This is the Aircraft Data Card insert missing from C3i Magazine Nr.17.


Players have permission to photocopy the Downtown log sheets and planning map included in the game; however you can print these out from your computer if you download these files.

US Log Sheet (104 KB). 8.5 x 11" log sheet for home printing.

DRV Log Sheet (96 KB). 8.5 x 11" log sheet for home printing.

Planning Map (552 KB). 8.5 x 11" planning map for home printing.

Extended Planning Map (676 KB). 8.5 x 11" planning map for home printing. This map incorporates the Thanh Hoa map extension found in C3i Magazine Nr.18.


USAF Tactics for Dummies (96 KB). If you haven't a clue where to start as the US player, take a gander at this fun one-page visual guide. It will show you how to arrange and organize a Rolling Thunder-era strike package. The lessons here are just as applicable to US Navy strikes.

Solitaire Rules

We are developing a set of rules and playaids that allowDowntown to be played solo. Here is the prototype playtest set:

Solo Rules v1.2 (US Player) (272 KB). Full rules for playing the US side solitaire, with charts and tables included.

Please note that these playtest components are in development and do not reflect the final quality of the solitaire game.

Play by e-Mail - Cyberboard

We have a Cyberboard play by e-mail 'gamebox' ready to play.

Cyberboard Gamebox (1.5 MB). The gamebox, scenario files and tutorial in a compressed zip file.

Cyberboard Tutorial (408 KB). This tutorial is included in the gamebox .zip file, but is included here for people who don't yet want to download the gamebox.

Enhanced Cyberboard Gamebox (9.8 MB). The gamebox and master scenario file from which scenarios may be constructed, in a compressed zip file. This version incorporates the Thanh Hoa map extension included in C3i Magazine Nr.18.

Play by e-Mail - VASSAL

We have a VASSAL Java-based play by e-mail module ready to play. Players should also go the VASSAL Webpage to get started on VASSAL. Note that this V1.0 VASSAL module is not yet as refined or developed as the Cyberboard box, so feedback is welcome.

VASSAL Module v1.11 (3.2 MB). The .mod file for running the VASSAL game.

VASSAL Readme (240 KB). Instructions for getting the VASSAL game up and running.

VASSAL Interface (328 KB). A quick guide to the Downtown VASSAL interface.

Variant Rules

These are variant and optional rules for those players who want more detail in their games.

Rules Supplement #1 v1.3 (340 KB). This rules supplement includes alternate history options, such as what if the Russians had released advanced SA-3 SAMs to the North Vietnamese in time for the war, or what if Combat Martin ECM equipment could have been made to work?


Supplementary Countersheet (284 KB). This set of print-out-and-mount counters includes errata counters for the F-111 and F-14 counters for alternate history scenarios set in 1975. Print these out on a colour printer and glue the fronts and backs to card before cutting out into individual 1/2" counters.

Professionally printed and die cut versions of the F-111 and F-14 counters feature in C3i Magazine Nr.17 along with rules and alternate history scenarios for 1975.

Fan Contributions

Downtown Sequence of Play (252 KB). Submitted by Troy Nordine, this is a summary of the entire sequence of play on a single sheet.

Downtown copyright Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, 2001-2016. All rights reserved.