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The Burning Blue


From this page you can download supplemental materials for The Burning Blue . Some files are in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf). For a reader to view and print these documents, go HERE.


The Burning Blue Rulebook (Release v1.1) (1.3 MB). The rulebook, updated with the errata.

The Burning Blue Scenario Book (Release v1.1) (3.3 MB). The scenario book, updated with the errata.

ERRATA and FAQ (172 KB). Current errata sheet and list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


The supplements provide variant and optional rules for those players who want more detail in their games.

Supplement #1 (128 KB). This supplement adds optional rules for RAF command and control and Luftwaffe planning.

Supplement #2 (v1.1) (116 KB). This rules supplement includes the formulae for players wanting to create their own alternate-history raid tables. It permits them to calculate Victory Points and Response Levels.

Supplement #3 (96 KB). This exciting supplement includes further optional rules for the RAF and Luftwaffe players.

Luftwaffe Player's Guide (356 KB). This is an invaluable guide for new players learning to master the Luftwaffe. It comes complete with advice on the planning and execution of raids.


Players have permission to photocopy the Burning Blue log sheets and planning map included in the game; however you download these files and print them from your computer:

LOGSHEET - RAF scenario 1 (68 KB). The RAF logsheet for scenario 1.

LOGSHEET - RAF scenario 2 (64 KB). The RAF logsheet for scenario 2.

LOGSHEET - RAF scenario 3 (68 KB). The RAF logsheet for scenario 3.

LOGSHEET - RAF scenario 4 (72 KB). The RAF logsheet for scenario 4.

LOGSHEET - RAF scenario 5 (68 KB). The RAF logsheet for scenario 5.

LOGSHEET - Luftwaffe (68 KB). The Luftwaffe logsheet for all scenarios.

PLANNING MAP - Standard Size (292 KB). The Luftwaffe planning map for all scenarios in 8.5 x 11" format.

PLANNING MAP - Large Size (292 KB). For those with access to large printers, the Luftwaffe planning map for all scenarios in 11 x 17" format.

Play by e-Mail - Cyberboard

We have a Cyberboard play by e-mail 'gamebox' ready to play. Information on the Cyberboard play by e-mail system can be found HERE. Thanks to Al Cannamore for his hard work on the gamebox.

Cyberboard Gamebox (7.4 MB). The gamebox and scenario files in a compressed zip file.

Play Online - VASSAL

We have adapted The Burning Blue to VASSAL for online play. You can download the VASSAL engine HERE and the module for The Burning Blue HERE. Thanks to Rick Billings and his team for their work on the VASSAL module.


Gazetteer (30 KB). A gazetteer to all placenames and locations on the game map.

The Burning Blue copyright © Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, 2006. All rights reserved.