The Burning Blue

Game Description

The Burning Blue is a raid-based combat system. The 9/16" counters represent RAF squadrons or Luftwaffe gruppen. Each game turn represents 5 minutes of real time, each hex on the map is 5 miles across and altitude is in increments of 2,000 feet.

The game features: Chain Home radar; Observer Corps; radio-telephony; Ack-Ack; balloon barrages; the Duxford 'Big Wing'; the Italian Air Expeditionary Force and Erprobungsgruppe 210.


Combat units are squadron (12 aircraft) and gruppe-sized (approx 30 aircraft). Squadrons can break down into flights and gruppen into their component staffeln.

ILLUSTRATION: A key to the combat counters (shown here double the actual size). The graphic shows the front and reverse sides of an RAF squadron counter (blue). It also shows the front of a Luftwaffe fighter Gruppe (yellow) and the reverse of a bomber Gruppe.

ILLUSTRATION: A selection of marker counters from the game.

A full-size render of the game counters can be seen HERE. Warning! Counter art is a 800+ Kb download!


The map depicts the Pas de Calais and most of southern England, encompassing the whole of Fighter Command's 11 Group as well as portions of 10 and 12 Groups.


A full-size render of the game map can be seen HERE. Warning! Map art is a 730 Kb download!


Five scenarios cover the major phases of the Battle of Britain. The scenarios are:

Opening Bat. 10 July - 1 August 1940. The 'kanalkampf' - the Luftwaffe's raids on Channel shipping.

Leg Before Wicket. 12-18 August 1940. 'Eagle Day' and the great raids of 15 and 18 August.

Bodyline. 19 August - 6 September 1940. The attacks on Fighter Command's Airfields.

Knock 'em for Six. 7-30 September 1940. The climactic massed raids on London.

Owzat! 1 October - December 1940. The 'Jabo' fighter-bomber attacks, the Italians, and the end of the battle.

Each scenario uses its own raid generator to create thousands of different playing situations. In addition there are introductory and quick start scenarios to help players get into the game quickly.

Components List

2 x six-sided die
1 x 34 x 22" colour map
3 x 9/16" countersheets
1 x detection deck of playing cards
1 x Squadron Tote Board display
2 x Raid displays
2 x four panel playaid screens
1 x 40 page rulebook
1 x 48 page scenario book
1 x 8 page insert containing: Luftwaffe log sheet, RAF log sheets, Planning Map

The Burning Blue copyright © Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, 2006. All rights reserved.